Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving and Crafts

Thanksgiving dinners were great and I am now sitting in my stretchy pants, due to one too many pieces of pie. Oh but it was so worth it! When lunch time came my daughter Chloe decided she was feeling sick so all she ate was a little ham and that is it. Now when dessert rolled around she was miraculously healed and ate 3 pieces of raspberry pie and a piece of peanut butter pie. I get sick just thinking about eating all of that! Anyways I feel so blessed to have a healthy loving family and when so many are struggling I am thankful my husband has a job in this economy. Sometimes it is still paycheck to paycheck living but it could be so much worse. So thank you God for your many blessings.
I got a few more things finished and thought I would post them. Enjoy and have a great evening and good luck to all the brave Black Friday shoppers!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Welcome to my first blog post! I am so excited to start this new journey,everyday I read my favorite blogs and I love finding new craft ideas,so I hope that we can share ideas here and let you in on my crazy life! Right noe I am trying to get ready for my first craft show. I didnt realize how time consuming it was going to be (it doesnt help that I waited till the last minute to do my crafts). I 'm a little nervous to go I feel like Im having highschool insecurities!......What if nobody buys anything or what if they just dont like what i made?.... Im driving myself mad! Heres a few pics of what ive got so far,hope you like em'